Sports Injuries Treatment 运动受伤治疗服务


Sports Injuries Treatment 运动受伤治疗服务

If you want to run, how do you know that your knees will start to hurt after running twice. Because your knee is inflamed and the cartilage is injured! Come to our Qlife, #It only takes 60 minutes, you can directly solve this problem for you, and you will not feel any pain when you go for a run in a few days.

Many people think that if you hurt your muscles and bones, you need to rest for 100 days. After lying in bed for 3 months, you will recover naturally. As a result, after a few months of rest, the pain is no longer painful when walking, but the feeling of going up and down the stairs is still weird, and even after a long time, I can't even squat.

We will improve and rehabilitate sports injuries through manual therapy, electrotherapy and exercise therapy, including rehabilitation after surgery.
  • Manual therapy (professional therapist will use both hands)
    • Our professional physiotherapists will use medically certified and professional special techniques and techniques to relax your tight and uncomfortable knees and reduce that KLAK KLAK sound. If it's your joint problem, a therapist will fix it for you.
  • Electrotherapy
    • The therapist will use different types of electric current and electromagnetic field to sot the muscles around your knee, just a little tingling sensation of rasa, to stimulate the neuromuscular contraction of the knee, after 15 minutes your knee will not be so painful because This electrotherapy can promote circulation, but it won't sot you
  • Sports Therapy
    • Just asking you to exercise, but our exercise therapy is different from what you usually do when you go to a gym, and we ask a professional trainer to do it for you. We will design a special exercise for you according to your knee pain. For example #simple leg lift exercise, if you run every day, if you are told to do it 30 times, your feet may tremble.
Another thing is to do #differentLajin exercises, to stretch your thighs and calves that are as hard and tight as a rock. Then check your running posture to see if you are running straight or crooked, or if there is a problem with your steps, just don’t want your knees to be cured and the pain is gone, but it hurts again when you go back to running

想要跑步,哪里知道跑没两下膝盖就开始痛了。因为你的膝盖发炎软骨受伤了!来我们Qlife, #只需要60分钟,就可以帮你直接解决这个问题, 几天后去跑步完全不会feel到痛了。

很多人认为伤筋动骨就要休息100天,在床上躺个3个月,自然就恢复了。结果休息了几个月, 走路是不痛了, 可是上下楼梯感觉还是怪怪的,甚至时间长了连蹲都蹲不到。

我们会通过徒手治疗, 电疗及运动治疗来改善及康复运动受伤的问题,包括了手术后的康复。
  • 徒手治疗(专业治疗师会用双手)
    • 我们的专业物理治疗师会通过医疗认证和专业的特别手法和技术,去放松你感觉紧紧不舒服的膝盖还减少那个KLAK KLAK 的声音。 如果是你的关节问题的话, 治疗师就会帮你去矫正。
  • 电疗 (Electrotherapy)
    • 治疗师会利用不同类型电流和电磁场去sot 一下你的膝盖周围的肌肉, 只是rasa一点点刺刺的感觉, 去刺激膝盖的神经肌肉收缩 , 15分钟后你的膝盖就不会那么痛了, 因为这个电疗可以促进循环, 不过不会sot 到你啦
  • 运动治疗 (Sports Therapy)
    • 就是叫你做运动啦, 不过我们的运动治疗跟平时去gym , 请专业Trainer给你做的不一样的。 我们是根据你的膝盖那里一个Part 痛, 然后去设计特别的exercise 给你。 比如 #简简单单抬腿运动,你这个每天跑步的,叫你做30 次可能脚都会抖。

还有就是要做 #不一样的拉筋运动, 去拉一下你那个跟石头一样硬紧绷的大腿,小腿。 然后还要检查你的跑步姿势, 看你跑步是直的还是歪来歪去,还是步伐有问题, 就是不要你的膝盖原本治疗好了,不痛了, 回去跑步又痛

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